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Meet the Maker

Whiskey Oak Seasonings started with the idea of creating a smoker specifically for seasonings that would allow me to slow smoke salts, sugars, and blends. In early 2014 I had this crazy idea and spent my evenings and weekends in the garage building this smoker off the top of my head and crazy imagination. Using random parts from the hardware store, sheets of wood from around the garage and a head full of ideas, I persisted in putting my “contraption” together. Near the end of 2014 “contraption 1.0” was working and producing the great smoked salt, sugar, and seasoning blends that I had been dreaming up.

I officially launched Whiskey Oak Seasonings in January of 2015 with an Etsy store, Facebook page and a simple website. My first farmers market debut was in April of 2015 at Santa Clara Farmers’ Market. Up until March, 2020, I was in local farmers’ markets around the bay area as well as craft fairs and local events.

Follow your dreams…life is too short. Maybe that crazy idea will work out and maybe it won’t but you will never know if you don’t try.

Support Small Business

These unique blends of salts, sugars and seasonings are slowly smoked right here in the San Francisco Bay Area and are showcased in many small, medium, as well as larger shops within Northern California. When you purchase these smoked seasonings and fabulous gift boxes you are not only supporting this small business but also the local purveyors who are showcasing them in their retail locations.

Support small business and shop local!

In the Press

As featured in Evergreen Spotlight, Edible Silicon Valley, and Gourmet News as well as countless blogs. The critics are impressed…now it’s time to impress your family and dinner guests.

If you are interested in featuring these unique smoked seasonings in your publication please reach out!

Vegan & Gluten Free





The Whiskey Oak Gift Box – 4 Jar Set is our best selling gift box! Check it out to learn about each of our seasonings and some great ideas to use them for!


What Makes Whiskey Oak Seasonings Premium & Unique?

My spices and spice blends are of the highest quality, and I have created these unique blends of seasonings for you and your family. Once I mix the seasoning I then slowly smoke them using natural hardwoods. The result is an outstanding flavor with a hint of smoke.

This process creates a smokiness that will tease your palate and sense of smell. This smokiness is not intended to overwhelm your taste buds, but rather kick the flavors up a notch. Use these seasonings in place of the off-the-shelf variety in everyday cooking to add something special.

The process of cold smoking, high quality ingredients, and patience as they develop their flavor during hours in the smoker, creates a unique and flavorful final product. Cold smoking means the spices are not heated to the extent of rendering their essential oils, resulting in a longer shelf life and more flavor. Though there are a few larger grain sea salts and salt slabs available, most professional as well as home cooks use kosher salt as their standard for cooking. This also means you do not need to purchase or utilize a salt grinder prior to use.

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