These smoked seasonings may be used for grilling, smoking, oven, stove, air fryer, InstantPot®, sous vide, slow cooker, indoors, outdoors, absolutely everywhere! The subtle smokiness will bring the taste of the outdoors inside your kitchen as well as add another layer of grilling flavor to your outdoor cookout.

Want to make your meals Smokin’ then hit up the recipe section for some tasty good eats.

Smokin’ Glazed ShrimpWhiskey Oak Smoked Salt and Whiskey Oak Smoked Sugar give these shrimp a beautiful glaze and lightly smokey taste.  Imagine the flavor of candied bacon wrapped shrimp without the bacon.  Quick, easy, and budget friendly.
Smokin’ Salmon CandyJust three ingredients - Salmon, Whiskey Oak Smoked Sugar and Whiskey Oak Smoked Salt...Resulting in a smokey-sweet-salty little treat
Grilled Salmon FiletThis simple recipe is a favorite in our house. Whiskey Oak Smoked Salt and Whiskey Oak Smoked Sugar melt into a salmon filet to form a sweet & salty glaze that has a hint of smokiness as well.