These smoked seasonings may be used for grilling, smoking, oven, stove, air fryer, InstantPot®, sous vide, slow cooker, indoors, outdoors, absolutely everywhere! The subtle smokiness will bring the taste of the outdoors inside your kitchen as well as add another layer of grilling flavor to your outdoor cookout.

Want to make your meals Smokin’ then hit up the recipe section for some tasty good eats.

Savory Sweet Smokin’ Cauliflower SteakCauliflower transforms into a hearty meal with this simple recipe. Whiskey Oak Pork & Poultry Seasoning gives it all the wonderful salty/sweet smokin' flavors you would expect and Whiskey Oak Steak Seasoning makes it eat like a steak.
Grilled Roma Tomatoes with Whiskey Oak Steak SeasoningRoma tomatoes are not only relatively inexpensive and available year round but are also firm fleshed, hearty in flavor and super rich and sweet when roasted. My Smoked Steak Seasoning has just enough "herbage" and complex seasonings, in addition to the salt and smokiness, that it makes the perfect seasoning for these summertime treats.
SMOKIN’ GOOD GUACAMOLEAvocados, Tomatoes, Onion, and Whiskey Oak Steak Seasoning make a surprisingly good, and easy, Smokin' Guacamole. Perfect for your next get together!
Easy Smokin’ Onion PickleA red onion is transformed into quick onion pickle which is sweet, salty, tangy and Smokin'! Better yet, it is so easy.
Grilled ArtichokeGrilling artichokes brings out a subtle nuttiness to them and makes them super fun to eat. Microwaving saves on the prep time as well as the cleanup. Whiskey Oak Steak Seasoning makes them Smokin' Good.
Roasted Artichoke HeartsArtichoke Hearts and Fennel roast up sweet and savory in this recipe. Perfect as a warm side dish or as a cold picnic treat.
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