I am so excited to announce that Bi-Rite Markets, in downtown SF, is the newest retailer of Whiskey Oak Seasonings… Right atop their butcher counter!!

For those that are not familiar with Bi-Rite Markets, and their philosophies, here is some info that is sure to make you understand why selling my products in their stores is such a huge accomplishment. They truly are pioneers in the farm-to-grocery store movement.

“Creating Community Through Food” This means they believe that food does more than nourish: food brings people together. They truly believe that it’s their responsibility to build meaningful relationships with each part of their extended family; the food they make and sell connects the staff, guests, producers and the environment. In this way, they “create community through food”.

I am incredibly proud to be a part of the Bi-Rite community and family.

Bi-Rite Markets: 3639 18th St., SF & 550 Divisadero St., SF

“Tell your Butcher to Make it Smokin’!!”